Developmental Milestone

Between the ages of 2 to 6, the child picks up a certain set of skills which act as developmental milestones. A discrepancy in achieving these milestone/s leads to development disorders without proper attention.

Early identification

Experts from all over the world in the fields of psychiatry and behavioral sciences reiterate that early identification of neurological disorders goes a long way in facilitating a positive rehabilitation in the formative years of growth.

Digital Games

Age-appropriate Digital games act as an ideal conduit to map the movement kinematics and gesture patterns of the child while playing the game to development milestones that act as a base for a child’s healthy growth.

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Dr. Uma Bachhav

Developmental Pediatrician

Mr. Blessin Varkey

Director of Innovation & Research
Tamana Foundation

Mr. Sachin Joshi


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Frequently Asked Questions

ScreenPlay screens children and guides them in the right direction. It brings a kid-friendly environment that helps in recording the true essence of a child's nature. If the condition is spotted and addressed at an early age when the child's brain is flexible and adaptive which increases the effectiveness of therapy.
The result is solely based on the gameplay of the child, this doesn't have any human biases which makes it pure. The child's gameplay is then fed to an Artificial intelligent algorithm which runs age appropriate analysis.
When the symptoms are evident that makes them visible to anyone, but when it comes to the symptoms which are not evident such as that in the mild spectrum of the condition, it becomes difficult to spot in the early age to someone without any medical expertise.
When it comes to games it's always fun for the kids, our platform is designed in a kid-friendly way which helps us to record the true nature gameplay of the child without them actually feeling the pressure of a test.
To make sure the game is mapped to the right kid, we have to store the name of the child and to make the process age appropriate we also need month and year of birth. We are mindful of the importance of privacy, the data is secured in a well-protected server.
The right step is to seek specialist support and address the problems faced by the child under the specialist.
A clinical psychologist is the right person to seek help from.
The basic difference between a condition and a disease is that a condition can't be cured. By following the right steps at the right time one may improve. Early intervention is effective
One gameplay takes arounf 10-15 minutes.
The Game has been designed with inbuilt prompts which makes it language-independent for the child


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