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Autism Acceptance in Society


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2 years ago

Awareness can be a way, but the final aim should be acceptance


Humans are mysterious. When we see something not in a way we are habitual to see, we immediately try to change it the normal way. We always keep judging people right or wrong, good or bad, competent or incompetent we tend to accept only those who pass one’s, self-made criterion. Recently we are on a journey to find another earth. We have even found Earth-like conditions on Mars. But both are different in certain parameters, and this is how the universe works. Our creator has built everything in a unique way. Even the electrons in the same orbits show the difference in their spin. From microscopic to macroscopic, everything has its own characteristics.

So why we want all humans to be the same?

Every individual is unique, in his own way. Such an example of uniqueness is Autism. Many try to change autistic people into non-autistic people. But we should not change who they are, they are different in their own ways. This should not be one’s goal, instead, it should be to help them to reduce the impact of their downsides, to make a more inclusive environment, where they can learn and have a brighter future.

The school plays an important role in every student’s life, so for more opportunities, awareness must be spread in all schools to make an inclusive environment for children with autism. Schools should accept them as they are and treat them equally alongside keeping in mind that they have different learning patterns. With the right guidance and interventions, they can learn alongside their peers. As children with autism find communication difficult, peers can be made aware and taught how to interact with them so that they can participate more in classroom activities along with their peers. Acceptance by peers and society can create a healthier atmosphere for them to learn.” Awareness can be a way, but the final aim should be acceptance”

Awareness is like spreading the message of greenhouse effects, ozone depletion and the need to go green and acceptance is planting trees by oneself, which starts from one’s home first. Spreading awareness is one part of the story, the moral should be the acceptance of people with autism in reality. Likewise, there should not only be awareness among people but also acceptance of people with autism as a part of the society and this too should start forms one’s home. Many people have the wrong impression that autism is a disease, but the fact is, Autism is not a disease it’s a challenge, challenge for the world to accept the differences.

Autism is an Aspect, Acceptance is All — Amanda Joy Friedman Autism is an aspect of a person. It is not the entire scope of the existence of an individual nor the only descriptive element of one’s personality or abilities.

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