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Understanding Gender Differences in Learning Disabilities and ADHD


Published by Madhushree

6 months ago

Do you think there are specific gender differences when it comes to learning disabilities and ADHD? Well, we can say that studies have proven to show us that yes, there are differences when it comes to learning disabilities and ADHD

Learning disabilities are more likely to occur with the male gender when compared to females. Various research has been conducted to understand why and how these differences occur.

Studies have shown that females tend to use the cortical area of their brain which accelerates learning skills and promotes the development of grasping skills effectively. In contrast, males tend to use it comparatively less. The development of the brain itself in males and females has physiological differences which can have an impact on learning.

Learning disabilities and ADHD are likely seen more often being diagnosed in boys, the reason being that a larger group of males have been under screening and diagnosis when compared to females, resulting in a higher ratio. This also adds to the fact that males are more formally diagnosed and identified.

The gender difference and males being diagnosed much more compared to girls can also add the factor of the etiology of learning differences, and also the environments they have experienced. It can be from the various learning styles introduced, to the nutrition and food they have been exposed to. All of these external factors can also play a role in developing learning disabilities.

When a child is diagnosed with any learning disabilities or ADHD, the symptoms of the same are more likely to be noticeable in males, than females. They show hyperactivity, impulsivity, etc, making them stand out and be more visible, making teachers and parents concerned, resulting in a higher ratio of males to females. The general differences in motor skills and physical strength can also add to the statement. The behavior shown in males is loud and shows higher levels than females This leads to a higher diagnosis rate, but the question of, ‘do males have a higher ratio of learning disabilities can still be debated.

However, this shows us that when children are diagnosed early, it can be most beneficial as you can provide them with the right kind of help, intervention, and support. It is important to keep a constant eye on your child’s abilities and track the child's growth and development.

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