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Kidaura Turns One


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2 years ago

Today, we mark the one year of Kidaura. Our first year has been full of learnings and ups, downs, and realizations.


Back in 2018, we started with the question of “How can we leverage technology to provide children with a chance of the right diagnosis of neurodevelopment disorders, during the golden age?”. A lot has changed since then. We have a better understanding of the challenge in order to make the technological solution more effective. But the one thing that has not changed is our mission of “enhancing and improving the lives of children” and we remain grounded with it.

We thank you for being with us and supporting the cause that we have been working for.

As we celebrate our 1st birthday, we would like to celebrate some key milestones and achievements and ask for your continuous feedback and input to ensure the upcoming journey is equally successful:

Validating the Technology with 919 children in Urban Setup


Increasing Awareness and Promoting Inclusiveness


Understanding the need and challenges of solution deployment at Rural Level


One of the winners of “Quest for Assistive Technology”,

“Women Power 2019”, and Finalist at Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 1-MT5WaVyxITS-pHkGDZwJgA.png

These milestones take us a step closer to our goal and help us create robust solutions for the need.

We continue to work with dedication to achieve what we aim for. We might not be sure what the future holds yet, but you know us. We’ll never stop trying.

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