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Sensory skills and its Importance


Published by Madhushree

8 months ago

What are sensory skills?

Sensory skills are important for children from the day they are born, as they tend to understand and process the information in the world around them through their various senses. Sensory skills involve using the senses of smell, touch, vision, hearing, balance, vestibular, and taste. All these senses work together for overall sensory functioning. Sensory skills aim at improving the child’s fine motor skills , cognitive abilities, language development, social skills and problem solving skills.

Sensory learning suggests that we can acquire important skills through the power of our different senses by engaging them thoroughly. Some people learn best when they use any specific senses that they are comfortable with. Some may prefer to use their sight as their strong suit and some may find the sense of touch more comforting. This can show that they have a preferred sensory learning style, and can choose what works best for them.

The development of these sensory skills are extremely important as they lay the foundation for the development and acquisition of various other skills. Sensory development is considered to be a strong source for brain development as it stimulates healthy neurological connections. Having strong sensory skills means the power of sending and receiving sensory information to and from the cells to the brain can be maintained and heightened to have strong overall development which can be important for the child.

What are some of the most important benefits of sensory learning?

  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Academic growth and progress
  • Builds strong nerve connections in brain pathways
  • Supports and improves language skills
  • Sensory memory
  • Exploration

To conclude, we can say that sensory skills become an important part of the child's learning and development. A strong foundation for the development of various other skills can be built through sensory exploration and learning. It allows children to have a better, more comfortable life in finding their strengths and weaknesses.

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