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What toys should you invest in, for your child


Published by Madhushree

9 months ago

Toys serve more than just entertainment and play. They assist in the development of a wide range of skills! The variety of toys that children have will consistently help them explore, learn new skills, and also learn problem-solving skills. In addition, you should make sure that the toys you give your children are eco-friendly and are safe for them to play with. Ensure that they have a lot of fun by engaging, exploring and using different types of toys.


Blocks help to develop special awareness, such as shape and size discrimination, sorting, and ordering. They also develop Mathematical skills, cognitive development, fine motor development. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours so it also makes it entertaining for the child. Blocks can be fun as it allows the child to build different things, to be creative and are exposed to different patterns and colours.


In cognitive development, puzzles play an important role in learning how to organise, solve problems, and apply knowledge. It enhances eye-hand coordination and fine motor development. There are a variety of puzzles that can help develop skills and aid in learning, including jigsaw puzzles, animal puzzles, alphabet puzzles, and number puzzles. Using these varied puzzles will stimulate children's curiosity and excitement about the outcome and allow them to feel accomplished when they finish them. In addition to being an element of learning, it is also fun and exciting for the child.

Messy Play

Messy play stimulates sensory and tactile development by enabling a child to experience, interpret, and explore a range of textures. In addition, it benefits children who are not comfortable getting messy, who tend to be picky eaters and help them develop physically and socially. Kinetic sand game, a soap foam game, finger painting, slime are among the activities available. A critical thinking ability and a problem-solving ability are important higher-level thinking skills for quotient development. They learn to experience new and critical situations, explore and learn about themselves and the world around them. This in turn, develops the ability to think critically and solve situations by opening their creative minds and encountering higher-level thinking skills. Some examples include kitchen sets, doctor sets, beach toys, playing teacher student, recreating scenarios, etc.

Musical Toys

Musical toys aimed at boosting the child's cognitive and sensory skills are some of the benefits of using musical toys. A large degree of creativity is stimulated, provides a path to understand sound and music and also enhances their fine motor skills. Playing xylophones, triangles, drums, or toy pianos is a good example.

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